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I send my prints in a solid package, protected by a cellophane bag and sitffened with a rigid board; packed in a cardboard envelope.



Illustration margins:

• A4 approx. 8 mm

• A3 approx. 8 mm


The paper dimensions are approx. 8 mm bigger than actual A4 and A3 paper size. Those extra marigins allow the illustration to fill the entire A4 or A3 format. The additional margins can be used to frame the art print more easily.



The colors of the print might be subtle different from the displayed image, due to the settings and resolution of your screen.

Prints are unframed.

Australian Farm in Red - Giclée Art Prints

  • A high quality giclée print

    on watercolour paper, 310 G/m2,

    avaiable in 2 formats (selectable above):

    • A4 (218 x 305 mm)

    • A3 (305 x 436 mm)


    The illustration presenting the Australian farm landscape was originally hand-painted in watercolour by the artist. The series of art prints is limited to 50 copies. Every print has its serial number and is individually prepared, printed and signed by the author in Melbourne.


    The illustration is of archival quality, printed on eco-friendly, acid-free paper, with specially selected inks.


    I make my prints in my studio in Northern Melbourne with locally purchased materials. My own experience in creating prints makes my reproductions of a unique quality. My prints perfectly reflect the original artwork, its wide range of bright colours and the texture of watercolour paints. I use heavyweight, textured paper to achieve an elegant and luxurious looking art print.

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