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After moving to Melbourne, I was inspired by Australian nature to create more of smaller forms of art - watercolours and drawings on paper. I use the illustrative and decorative style to capture the spirit of local wildlife. I adore cuteness of the native marsupials and beauty of Australian landscapes.

If you would like to buy any of my illustrations, you're welcome to visit my online shop.



Gum tree in blue. Watercolour, A3
Eucalyptus dream. Watercolour, A4
Gum tree in orange. Watercolour, A4
Australian sunset. Watercolour
Australian farm. Watercolour, A4
Gum tree on the farm. Watercolour A4
Cow farm. A3 Illustration
Dolina Kwiatu
Possums in green. Watercolour, A4
Landscape selfportrait
Landscape fantasy
Possums in blue. Watercolour, A4
Brushtail possum, 30 x 30 cm
Possums on the wattle tree, 30x30cm
Cockatoo illustration
Possum sketches. Watercolour, A3
Miner & Mynah Bird. Watercolour, A4
Purple swamphens. Watercolour, A4
Princess Rosella. Watercolour, A4
Kangaroo family. Watercolour, A4
Christmas Heart. Watercolour, A4
Folk Christmas Tree. Digital art
Winter town of Angles
Fafik's sketches
Fafik's winter dream
Fafik in the reefs
Fafik in space
Beach boxes for Great Orchestra WOSP
Beach boxes for Great Orchestra WOSP
Selfportrait in green. Acrylic A4
Harmony selfportrait, A4
Parrots Whisperer
Selfportrait in blue. Acrylic, A3
Portrait of Joe Chindamo
Autumn Muses
Release. Watercolour, A4
Portrait of Marcus. A4 illustration



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